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Winners for October 1-7 Events

Congratulations to the winners who achieved top times in the Weekly Challenge: Thundercat’s Racecar Track! Here are their best times: (Competition was high this week for those top 3 spots. Woo they were close!) Weekly Challenge: Thundercat’s Racecar Track

Xulu Events: Week of October 1-7

We are taking a break from the Wednesday Night Tournaments, however we are still holding the Weekly Challenge!  Test your racing skills in this week’s challenge on the Thundercat’s Racecar Track.

Winners for Sept 10-16 Events

Congratulations to the brave Xulu players who raced to the end achieving top times in the Weekly Challenge: Adriana’s Track and the 9/12 Wednesday Night Tournament: Marathon through Thundercat’s Racetrack, Village in the Desert and Off-Road Endurance. Here are the winners:

Xulu Events: Week of Sept 10-16

Here are the event details for the week of September 10-16: (Note the 4pm (PDT) time change for Wednesday night)