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Announcing Winners for Racing and Gladiator Venues Tournament Night

Congratulations to the brave Xulu players who battled and raced to the end achieving top scores in our Racing and Gladiator Venues Tournament Night on Wednesday, August 15th from 8-9pm. Below are the winners for each venue and their best time/total wins:

The Adventure Begins: Xulu launches Alpha 0.1

We’ve decided to finally go live, knowing that there is so much more to do. But we believe the only way for Xulu to evolve into a place that captures your heart is to put it out and let you help guide us.

Welcome to Eidolon

Eidolon is an earthlike planet around 100,000 light years away and over time, that we expect to learn a lot more about as we travel beyond this first region.  In the meantime, it’s a place to explore and enjoy the activities.   Early visitors arrive at the City Center, a structure under development that will eventually have […]