Getting Started:

What are the system requirements for Xulu?

As we are still in alpha and the game is still evolving, we have not yet established what all of our system requirements will be. The few requirements we currently have are listed below.

  • DirectX 10 Windows 7 or Windows Vista (earlier versions of Windows do not support DirectX 10)
  • DirectX 10 compatible graphics solution (this must be supported by the hardware)
  • Microphone (only if you want to voice chat; the game will run without one)
I’m having trouble registering. What should I do?

Please send an e-mail with a detailed description of the issue to support@xulu.com. If you are getting an error message, please include the error message in the detailed description.

What are all of the callsign restrictions?

Callsigns may only contain alphanumeric characters and the following symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ . and spaces. Callsigns may not have two spaces next to each other and may not end with a space. Finally, callsigns must begin with an alphanumeric character. Please note that callsigns are case sensitive. In other words, if you register with the callsign Newbie, you will not be able to log in using newbie, newbiE, NEWbie, etc.

I can’t find or did not receive my confirmation email. What should I do?

If you submitted the registration form correctly, you should receive a confirmation link to the email address you registered with. Please check your Spam/Junk folder in your email. If you are using an email platform (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Entourage, etc.) you will need to actually login to your mail’s account (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) and search the spam folders there also. If you find it there, please add  xulu.com to your Safe list so we don’t end up in your spam folders in the future.

If you still can’t find your confirmation email. Please send an email to support@xulu.com.

Can I create my own games?

Currently, you can create your own venues via the Venue Builder. A venue is an area in the world in which a particular type of activity occurs, such as a race or competition. Venues allow you to place objects, construct tracks, set a game duration, set game rules, etc. You can even publish your venue and have it placed in the world! In the near future, you will also be able to create an instance of a venue on your computer that other users may then join. As the game creator, you will be able to pick the area you would like to play in, the venue you want to play, the game duration, etc. You can watch tutorials here.
More information on this feature will become available once it is released.


I just tried downloading the installer and my Norton antivirus has flagged it as untrustworthy and suspicious (Suspicious.Cloud.5.D). Norton removed the installer. What can I do?

This is something we are aware of. Norton uses a heuristic checker to look for viruses and in this case it is reporting a false positive. We are working with Norton to eliminate this problem. Until then, the only solution is to temporarily disable the Norton checker while you download the Xulu installer.

I installed Xulu, but when I tried to run it, I got an error message similar to “XAudio2 failed to initialize with code -2147221164.” What can I do to fix this?

This error occurs when a part of the DirectX package fails to install correctly. The quickest and easiest way to fix this is to download the entire DirectX redistributable from Microsoft. Just use this link and look for the newest “DirectX End-user Runtime update.”

When I start up the Xulu software, I get the message “Can’t open file ‘…’ for mode ‘Write’ Access is denied.” What do I have to do to fix this?

This problem is due to a bug in the Xulu launcher that was causing Xulu content files to marked as not writable. This bug has been fixed, but these files are still marked as non-writable. To correct the problem use a File Explorer Window to go to the directory that contains the file specified in the error message. Manually select and delete that entire directory, then re-start the Xulu system. Note that you may get this same error message a few more times for different files in the installation. Keep performing the above steps until you no longer get the error message and the launcher completes the update.

Whenever I try to open Xulu, a “User Account Control” dialog pops-up. This dialog asks if I want to allow Xulu to make changes to my computer. After selecting “OK”, this same dialog keeps popping-up or the dialog goes away, but the game doesn’t start. What should I do?

This is a problem that can occur when our launcher attempts to update itself. To fix this, download the latest xLauncher.exe and save it in the directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Xulu\launcher

Go ahead and overwrite the one that should already be there. Once this is done, try running Xulu again.


I start up the Xulu system and everything looks OK, but after a few seconds I get the message: “Cannot connect to the Xulu server. Please check that your computer is connected to the internet and that you do not have a firewall blocking access.” What is going on?

The problem here is that your computer is not receiving communications from any other computers in the Xulu system. The most common reason is that your machine is behind a router or firewall that is blocking incoming communications. Anytime your computer receives incoming data, it is sent to a “port.” Your computer has many ports that can receive data, and different activities will utilize different ports. Most proxy servers, firewalls, and other Internet connection sharing methods can restrict port access. Your configuration may be restricting packets from “unknown sources.” In this case an “unknown source” would be defined as any IP address that you have not initiated the contact with. Once you contact the IP address, your proxy and/or firewall considers it “safe”, or a “known source”, since you initiated the contact. The Xulu system is more complicated, because your computer will receive communications form all other user computers. This becomes the real problem if your connection is restricting them from contacting you. Because there are so many network configurations available, there is no single solution to this. Some things you can try:

  • Are you running Windows Firewall? If so, make sure you allow access to the Xulu client application.
  • Is your router blocking access to incoming data? Make sure that you open up ports 2040-2168 for UDP incoming.
  • If your computer is behind a router or firewall, you can temporarily bypass this hardware (i.e. connect your computer directly to your modem or other internet access point) to verify that the Xulu system works properly.

You may need to contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance if you have opened the correct ports but still cannot connect or get others connected to you.

I am trying to run the Xulu software, but get the message “Cannot connect to server.” What is going on?

At startup, the first thing the Xulu software does is attempt to connect to our game servers. During the Alpha testing phase, we sometimes disable access to the server for upgrades, analysis, debug, etc. We try to get them back available as quickly as possible. The solution is to wait a few minutes and try again. If you still cannot get on, please send us an email to support@xulu.com.

Audio, Microphone & Other Devices:

When I start up the Xulu system, I see a message saying: “VoiceComm Client Error” “could not open capture device”. After I click OK, the system starts up. What does this mean?

This error message is generated when the voice communications sub-system attempts to access your computer’s microphone but no microphone is found. This will occur if your computer does not have a microphone or your microphone is in the disabled state. In this situation, the system will still run OK, but you will not be able to communicate with other users via voice.

I plugged my gamepad or microphone in, but the game doesn’t seem to recognize it. What should I do?

Currently, we only poll your system for devices when you start the game. As a result, the game will not recognize your device if you plug it in after you start the game. We do plan to fix this, but in the meantime, you should ensure your device is plugged in and ready to use prior to running the game.

Graphics Issues:

When I start up the Xulu software, I get the message “Cannot find DirectX 10 capable graphics hardware.” And the system exits. I am running DirectX 11. What is the problem?

Graphics processor units (i.e. your graphics hardware) support specific sets of functionality. Typically, the newer the GPU and more expensive it is, the more functionality it will support. The Xulu system requires a specific level of graphics acceleration in hardware to run. This is to ensure the best user experience. Microsoft’s DirectX API on the other hand requires very little hardware support. That’s because DirectX will use hardware if it is available, but if not, it will switch to a “software emulation” mode. In this mode, DirectX uses software running on your computer as a substitute for graphics hardware. Although this is functional, the performance is typically orders of magnitude (e.g. 100-1000 times) slower and thus not practical. The key point is that Xulu’s software requires hardware support for DirectX 10 level of functionality. You can easily check for this by looking at the specs of your computer’s graphics system. If you are in doubt, please send us the make and model of your GPU at support@xulu.com.

I changed my graphics settings and now I cannot run Xulu without it crashing. What do I do?

Go to your start menu and type in a search for regedit.exe. Select this executable from the results and open it. You may need to give it permission to run. In the registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Xulu\\xNode In xNode, look for the sub-key Graphics Settings. Select and delete it. Once you have deleted it, you can close the registry editor and restart Xulu. Xulu should then start up without a problem using the default graphics settings.

The game runs very slowly for me. What can I do to fix this?
  1. Make sure the power setting for your system is set to “High performance.”
  2. Make sure your system is using its best available graphics solution. If you know your system has only one graphics solution, you can skip this. Otherwise, you will have to manually go into your graphics control panel. For NVIDIA users, right click on your desktop and select “NVIDIA Control Panel” from the window. Select “Manage 3D settings” in the left panel. Under the “Global Settings” tab, look for the “Preferred graphics processor:” label. Click the drop down box to see the graphics solutions your system has installed. If you have more than one option listed, select “High-performance NVIDIA processor” then click “Apply” at the bottom right of the control panel.
  3. Lower your Xulu graphics settings in the preferences control. To open the preferences dialog, press the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard and select “Preferences” from the resulting dialog. In the preferences dialog, select “Basic Settings”, then set the “Graphics Quality” to “Very Low.” If this improves your performance, you will have to play with the graphics settings to find a balance between quality and performance (note that shadows and larger screen resolutions are particularly costly).

If this does not improve your performance, e-mail support@xulu.com for further assistance.


I was asked to send a crash dump and/or log file to support. What are these files and how do I access them?

Log files record information about the state of the game as you are playing. Crash dumps record the state of the game when you experience a crash. In short, these files help us determine the cause of a game crash and other irregular behavior. To access these files, open your windows start menu and type in a search for %temp%. Open the resulting “Temp” folder.

Alternatively, you can open your file explorer and run the search from there. Once you have the temp folder opened, click the “Date Modified” column header to sort the files so that the newer files are at the top. Crash dumps are named xNode.dmp and log files are named xNode__YYYY-MM-DD__HH-MM-SS.log (the file name extension matches the date modified). Search the date modified column for the time of the incident and send the matching, requested files to support@xulu.com.

Whenever I select a venue to join, the dialog closes, but I remain where I am. What happened?

More than likely, you lost communication with a compute node (a computer in our system that assists the server in running the game). This loss could be caused by a number of circumstances. Your best course of action is to close the game, send us your log file from that session, and then reopen the game. Please reference the crash dump and log files FAQ entry for more information on how to access your log file.

My vehicle is wedged in between some objects and I cannot get it unstuck. Part of my vehicle is embedded into an object and I cannot get it unstuck. I fell off the track I was racing on and cannot continue. What should I do?

If you are in a stunt track or the welcome area, use the reset control (the default is the zero key on your keyboard). If you are in a race, using just the reset control will reset your vehicle to the last checkpoint you passed (the location of a reset point is set by the venue designer) or the start point if the venue does not have any reset points. If the race does have reset points and you want to start from the beginning, hold the ‘Shift’ key on the keyboard and use the reset control (zero). If you are embedded, your shield should decrease until it is depleted, at which time you will automatically be reset to the start point. If you are stuck and all else fails, you can join a different venue then rejoin the one you got stuck in. This will place you back at the start point.

Do you accept comments and suggestions? If so, where should I send them?

Yes, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions to improve the Xulu experience. Please send them to community@xulu.com.

I do not see my problem listed here. What should I do?

Please check out our online forums first at www.xulu.com/forums. Then, if you still have a question please send an e-mail with a detailed description of the issue to support@xulu.com.