My vehicle is wedged in between some objects and I cannot get it unstuck. Part of my vehicle is embedded into an object and I cannot get it unstuck. I fell off the track I was racing on and cannot continue. What should I do?

If you are in a stunt track or the welcome area, use the reset control (the default is the zero key on your keyboard). If you are in a race, using just the reset control will reset your vehicle to the last checkpoint you passed (the location of a reset point is set by the venue designer) or the start point if the venue does not have any reset points. If the race does have reset points and you want to start from the beginning, hold the ‘Shift’ key on the keyboard and use the reset control (zero). If you are embedded, your shield should decrease until it is depleted, at which time you will automatically be reset to the start point. If you are stuck and all else fails, you can join a different venue then rejoin the one you got stuck in. This will place you back at the start point.

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