I was asked to send a crash dump and/or log file to support. What are these files and how do I access them?

Log files record information about the state of the game as you are playing. Crash dumps record the state of the game when you experience a crash. In short, these files help us determine the cause of a game crash and other irregular behavior. To access these files, open your windows start menu and type in a search for %temp%. Open the resulting “Temp” folder.

Alternatively, you can open your file explorer and run the search from there. Once you have the temp folder opened, click the “Date Modified” column header to sort the files so that the newer files are at the top. Crash dumps are named xNode.dmp and log files are named xNode__YYYY-MM-DD__HH-MM-SS.log (the file name extension matches the date modified). Search the date modified column for the time of the incident and send the matching, requested files to support@xulu.com.

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