Final goals and reward for Xulu Alpha Test, Monday, July 30

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Final goals and reward for Xulu Alpha Test, Monday, July 30

Postby 1 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:44 pm

Looking forward to seeing you guys in-world tomorrow. Here' s the scoop (although if you're reading this post, chances are you've ready your email and are already pretty Xulu saavy :)

Once you are in-world, please jump into the venues of your choice (racing, or gladiators, or sightseeing), and stay active rather than hanging out in the welcome area. We need to measure the system as people moving around under ever changing conditions.

During the test hour, please:

*Play at least one Gladiator game (Keep It, Get It, or Score It) during the hour. When in the game, you can now set your car to automatic or manual or adjust your shooting controls, by clicking the little car icon on screen. It’s easiest to aim from the inside cockpit view (press 4 to change to that view).

*Try to complete at least one race track (Hint – if you get into trouble, press 0 to reset to the nearest respawn location. To restart the race, press SHIFT+0.)

*Friend someone

*Talk to someone (hold the spacebar down to talk).

*View your profile (Hint - right click on your avatar to bring that option up. It will show recent badges you have earned.)

*If you’re seeing any performance issues, change your graphics preference to lower settings. Turning off shadows has the biggest impact, or try lowering your resolution. If you have great performance, you can turn settings up, or widen your field of view to get more peripheral vision (i.e. 90 degrees).

Please make note of the changes in performance (press F12 will display some details).

For those who were not in-world over the last couple weeks, here are some venues that should be new to you:
Adriana Road Course – rover track in place that used to be Adriana’s bubblecraft track
Roverball v2 – akin to playing skeetball with your rover (although no scoring yet)
Tron – racecar course
Offroad Endurance – rover track

For those who were in for last week’s test, we have a couple other new venues:
Village in the Desert (Rover Course)
Lock ‘n Load (Catapult Shooting Gallery)

Also, please keep your eyes open for announcements in-world for various things we would like you to try during the test.

Please update and try to enter the world at least 4 hours prior to the test and let us know if you have any problems. Otherwise, we may not be able to help you get in before the test starts. Also, there are a lot of updates so the file download will take some extra time.

Please send in your log files at the end of the test, and complete a short survey that we will send out by end of the day Friday. Instructions for how to send in log files can be found at

We are rapidly approaching open alpha launch, so your participation and feedback at this time is really important.

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