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Special Test Goals for Week of May 8

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 6:09 pm
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We are working on some system changes that aren’t ready yet, so we won’t be having “regular” group testing or rewards this week, but are offering special challenges and rewards for things as outlined below. You can come in any time during the week through Sunday, May 13 to qualify; it does not require you to be in-world Wednesday evening from 8 to 9pm.


We have placed the following venues created and submitted by you last week into the alpha world for this week’s special challenges:

Venue Type In-World Venue Name Venue Browser ID

Avatar racing Riddler on the Roof 52
Gladiators Keep It (Off-Road) Dannon's Keep It 104
Gladiators GetIt Zomgscott's Get It 94
Racecar racing (arena) Gremlin's Racecar Track 83
Rover racing (arena) Jrivo's Offroad Track 77
Rover racing (bowl course) Redeye_Jedi's Offroad Track 45
Rover racing (flat course) Jrivo's Arena Track 15

Special challenge rewards of $10 will be given to the top three people on the leaderboards by end of day Sunday, May 13 for the new race courses above (only one racing prize per tester so choose which one you think you can master).

Special challenge rewards of $10 will be given to the top three scorers in the gladiator games above (must be with a minimum of 4 players in the game to qualify. There will be some Xulu staff in from 8-9pm Wednesday or Thursday eve if you want to find others to meet the minimum player requirement). Feel free to use the forums to try to set up other times for group Gladiator games.
Random drawings for 3 winners ($10) for people who finish any race.

For Venue Building, venue(s) that have been submitted by May 13 will be voted on (by the Xulu team and testers in the Venue Browser) with a chance to win 1st) $100, 2nd) $75, 3rd) $50, 4th) $25, and 5th) $10. You can submit as many venues as you want (up to 5). Venues that were submitted for last week’s test are also eligible for the prizes.

We would appreciate you checking out the submissions by using the Venue Browser and voting for your favorites. By clicking on the column names at the top, you can view submitted Venues by their Type, by # of votes, by Fun rating, etc). While using it, please let us know if you find any bugs (Vote, Details, Author Info, Download, View, and Play).

Thanks again for your help!