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Xulu Creation- On par with Neverwinter's Foundry?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:47 am
by Raulaun
I recently had a chance to play Neverwinter, the new D&D MMORPG. I was thoroughly perplexed with what you could do with that game's Foundry system. It actually works much like Xulu's did, except you couldn't view/modify the objects in 3D unless you launched the game, and even then you could only move static objects around with copy paste and sliders. It was incredibly quirky and you weren't able to spawn new objects unless you went back to the 2D Editor. When you were not playing the game, the Foundry client was in 2D, meaning you could not interact with the objects in a 3D environment, but you could alter their properties further.

My summary on this, is that development utilities such as Unreal Engine were right all along in their user interface. If you attempt anything other than a multi-purpose 3D environment and have an unfinished result it will severely detract from the experience. Thus, one modifiable multi-purpose designing environment with the ability to play-test that environment is the optimal design choice UNLESS you can include EVERY function from the design environment in your play-testing environment.

Halo's Forge Mode was great, but it lacked important story designing tools, which I am hoping Xulu will have. Foundry included this to an extent, but I even found the freedom with Foundry lacking.

Overall, my experience with Xulu's Level Creator from last beta is on par with Neverwinter's Foundry and I enjoyed both systems equally.