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The game runs very slowly for me. What can I do to fix this?

Make sure the power setting for your system is set to “High performance.” Make sure your system is using its best available graphics solution. If you know your system has only one graphics solution, you can skip this. Otherwise, you will have to manually go into your graphics control panel. For NVIDIA users, right click […]

I changed my graphics settings and now I cannot run Xulu without it crashing. What do I do?

Go to your start menu and type in a search for regedit.exe. Select this executable from the results and open it. You may need to give it permission to run. In the registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Xulu\\xNode In xNode, look for the sub-key Graphics Settings. Select and delete it. Once you have deleted it, you […]

When I start up the Xulu software, I get the message “Cannot find DirectX 10 capable graphics hardware.” And the system exits. I am running DirectX 11. What is the problem?

Graphics processor units (i.e. your graphics hardware) support specific sets of functionality. Typically, the newer the GPU and more expensive it is, the more functionality it will support. The Xulu system requires a specific level of graphics acceleration in hardware to run. This is to ensure the best user experience. Microsoft’s DirectX API on the […]