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I plugged my gamepad or microphone in, but the game doesn’t seem to recognize it. What should I do?

Currently, we only poll your system for devices when you start the game. As a result, the game will not recognize your device if you plug it in after you start the game. We do plan to fix this, but in the meantime, you should ensure your device is plugged in and ready to use […]

When I start up the Xulu system, I see a message saying: “VoiceComm Client Error” “could not open capture device”. After I click OK, the system starts up. What does this mean?

This error message is generated when the voice communications sub-system attempts to access your computer’s microphone but no microphone is found. This will occur if your computer does not have a microphone or your microphone is in the disabled state. In this situation, the system will still run OK, but you will not be able […]