Xulu Events: Week of Oct 29 – Nov 4

Xulu Avatar Costume Challenge

This week’s event is a special Halloween challenge. Join the fun and win up to $50 on an Amazon Gift Card! Dress up your Xulu Avatar using our Customize tool. Take a picture of your Xulu Avatar’s “costume” and post it on our Facebook page! We will also be posting ideas, tips and hints for the challenge on our Facebook all week!

Like our page and post your Xulu Avatar pictures at: www.facebook.com/XuluEntertainment

How to take your Xulu Avatar’s Picture:

In Xulu, you can take pictures anywhere in-world simply by pressing the “INSERT” key.

But, you don’t want to take a picture of your avatar’s back do you?! Change your camera mode by pressing the number “2″ key (Follow View) or “3″ key (Track View). Then turn your Avatar around by pressing the “A” or “D” keys. Now you can compose a nice shot of your Avatar! Don’t forget to post your picture on our Facebook page to participate in the contest: www.facebook.com/XuluEntertainment

How to Customize Your Xulu Avatar:

1) First, launch Xulu by double clicking the shortcut on your desktop
2) You should now see the Xulu Launcher Screen. Select the “Customize” Button.

3) Login using your email and password you registered with at www.xulu.com
4) You should now see the Xulu Customize tool. Make sure you have the Avatar option selected on the top tool bar.

You can move your Avatar around to see it from all sides by left mouse clicking the turntable (the thing your Avatar is standing on) and dragging left or right.

The right menu panel shows you all of your options to customize your Avatar from Type, Gender, Size, Parts, Color , Specular (basically how shiny it is), and Patterns.

When you are finished, save your customizations by clicking the Save icon in the left corner of the top toolbar. Don’t forget to take a picture of your Xulu Avatar in-world and post it on our Facebook page also!

Email community@xulu.com if you have questions or need help, or you can always post them to our Facebook page.

Good luck and have fun! We can’t wait to see what “costumes” you can come up with.

How to Upgrade your Avatar from a Robot to Android:

Your default avatar in Xulu is our friendly Robot. You might have seen other cool looking Android avatars running around in-world and wondered how you can get a snazzy Android avatar too! Well, it’s your lucky day (or in this case, every day is your lucky day) because all you have to do is log a total of 10 hours in-world (accumulated time, not all in one session) and you will be upgraded to an Android avatar. You can switch to this Android by opening the Customize tool, and as you can see in the picture above, under “Type” select “Android” instead of “Robot.” Then you can customize it and dress it up to your heart’s content! Enjoy!

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