Winners for Sept 3-9 Events

Congratulations to the brave Xulu players who battled and raced to the end achieving top times in the Weekly Challenge: Downhill Derby and the 9/5 Wednesday Night Tournament: Gladiators Games. Here are the winners:

Dominion Keep It // Icefall // Time: 12:56

Congrats to Icefall for keeping the beacon for a whopping 12 minutes & 56 seconds (total accumulated time) in our Domion Keep It Tournament!

Here’s a highlight video from last Wednesday Night. You can tell we had a blast!

Weekly Challenge: Downhill Derby

1. Doba // Time: 2:28.52

2. Captin’ Ken // Time: 2:36.94

3. Xabax // Time: 2:43.87

4. Justdead // Time: 2:47.70

5. WolfLord // Time: 3:42.28

6. Meta // Time: 5:20.88


Congrats to all the winners!  Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you in-world again soon!

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